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How do I find a movie without knowing actors, the title or the year?

I have been searching for a movie for the last 3 or 4 years and I can't find it anywhere.  I don't know the year that it was made, the name of the movie or the actors/actresses in it.  What I do know is part of the movie itself.

It is about this woman that is thrown in jail, it is set back in the mid to late 1800s I think. She is sentenced to death, I don't remember why though.  All I know is that a guy comes and asks her to tell him why she is inocent and she can't because she doen't speak the English langauge.  He soon becomes interested and tries to prove her inocence, he goes off in search of her family/past.  He soon finds one person who knows her language and that is her sister.  He tells her what has happened and asks her to help him prove her sister is inocent.  I know that the guy is in love with the girl I just don't remember if it is during his search to help her that he falls in love with her or if it is after or if he was already in love with her.  I know both of them have brown hair.  I know they end up proving her inocence and I think she begins to speak English with the help of her sister and the man (who she loves as well).  If anyone has any ideas to what this could be please let me know.  I watched years ago, like 7 years almost and it has been bugging me for the last 3 or 4 years, so it is kind of an "older" movie. Like a early 2000s.
asked Nov 5, 2013 in Past Movies by Jessica

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