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name of the movie which is on pride and predjice a novel

pride and predjice is a romantic novel . Mainly focused on Elizabeth. I want to know the name of the movie which is based on it. please do it fast
asked Dec 23, 2013 in Past Movies by pooja shakya

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1 Answer

There are several movis based directly on Pride and Prejudice. One from the forties stars Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier. Another one was made about twenty years ago and stars Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehrle.  the most recent one was released about five years ago and starred Kiera Knightly.


Also, the first Bridget Jones movie is based loosely on the original Jane Austen movie. In fact, I believe the main suitor, played once agin by Colin Firth is named Darcy.
answered Apr 16, 2014 by Frank DeCavalcante (300 points)

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