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Looking for the name of a movie where the plot is a car driver trying to get away from being followed by a large truck.

This movie took place on deserted roads away from cities and towns. The ending was the car driver tricked the truck to follow a road leading to a cliff. We thought that the producer was Steven Spielberg and the car driver was Jimmy Stewart but probably not.
asked Sep 1, 2013 in Past Movies by Leaping Lizard

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3 Answers

That would be Steven Spielberg's Duel! Awesome movie.
answered Sep 12, 2013 by amesjeff12
Duel. great movie with Dennis Weaver. I believe there was also a remake.
answered Oct 13, 2013 by punkinhead (160 points)
the movie is DUEL directed by Steven spielberg ,1971 and starring Dennis weaver
answered Oct 21, 2013 by anonymous

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